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We all know that having the right attitude is a fundamental part of future business success. In this regard, please read the below article:

RAYMOND BERRY was a sickly child, destined to live out his life with a bad back, one leg shorter than the other, and vision so poor that he had to wear powerful glasses to see anything. Hardly a likely candidate for stardom in sports! But people who are familiar with professional football will recognise Ray Berry as one of the premier pass receivers of all time. His name rests securely in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Berry’s success cannot be attributed to luck or gifts. He wore a harness for his ailing back, mud cleats on one shoe to make his stride even, and contact lenses so he could see the ball. His approach to practice was maniacal. He practised pass patterns, blocking and faking, and catching from every angle. On his own time he would hire high school players to throw passes to him by the hour. He even carried a football around with him to “get the feel”. An observer might have concluded that Raymond Berry was obsessed – but he was no more obsessed than anyone who wants to be the best and has obstacles to overcome.

Whether in sports, education, or business, the only difference between the Raymond Berry’s who persist and others who quit is a matter of attitude. Certainly, Berry had enough excuses to give up any hope of football success. But he didn't, because his attitude would not permit it.

A person’s attitude is not inborn, it is developed. The Raymond Berry’s of the world simply resolve that nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to stop them. Attitude is the critical determinant of success or failure.

Adapted FROM Action Thoughts

You in your company have much good fortune - - you have so much in your favour to ensure the continual development of the best attitudes in your company’s world!

So, remember the words of the article “Attitude is the critical determinant of success or failure” or put it another way in the words of Gary Glenn: “It’s your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude”!

...And the only way is UP!!

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